Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Summer Solstice. What's on my mind?

When it's late and you're tired, but you really want to journal because you have these thoughts running around in your head, but you know you are not going to spend much time or effort on the page, do it anyway because tomorrow you will be happy that you did. 

I started with the Facebook question: What's on your mind?

As I was putzing around in the garden today, I almost stepped on a garter snake. As it quickly slithered away, I wondered what he would find to eat in the small garden. I looked it up on the webber-net. Apparently, he'll eat just about anything that will fit into his mouth: slugs, worms, lizards, ants, crickets, minnows, rodents, and amphibians including frog eggs. No lizards or minnows in the garden, but I'm sure he'll find what's on rest of the menu without a problem.

Don't know why I keep thinking about cattails. Maybe it is to help me remember when their "Fluffy Season" starts. Typha latifolia: "typha" from the Latin word meaning "marsh", that is where the word "typhoid" comes from and "latifolia" means wide leaf. And now you know. 

Early the other morning as I took a quick look out the window, I noticed a beautiful train of clouds coming from the west. The ones closest to me were highest in the sky, they were also the largest, tallest, and darkest. As the clouds trailed back (down) towards the horizon, they flattened out, looked smaller, and you couldn't see as much darkness on their undersides. Cumulus humilis or Cumulus fractus (smaller and scattered): "cumulus" comes from the Latin word "heap", "humilis" from the word that means "of small size", and "fractus" from "frangere" for "break".



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