Monday, June 6, 2016

Car Art: Warning! Do Not Try to Sketch Morels while Riding in a SUV that is Pulling a Trailer Down the Bumpiest Roads in Pennsylvania

What a great way to "loosen up"! Try sketching in a SUV that is going bump, bump, rattle, rattle non-stop for about 200 miles. I went with the flow and made the lines even sketchier than they were. Then I added some watercolor to the dry media 60 lbs. paper in the sketchbook. You know how that goes. Then I scribbled with some Prismacolor Verithins on top of that. And, oh, yeah, there may be some Derwent Inktense in there somewhere. Art supplies sure help you pass the time!

Creative cropping is fun to do. I like the effect of how the paint and pencil look close up or blown up to a larger size.

Some of my favorite things:

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