Sunday, July 30, 2017

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Whether it is Winter or any other season
New Jersey is one of the most populous states
never-the-less it has a 42% tree cover 
with Parsippany being recognized as 
for the past 40,000 years
because the First Children planted 
the original groves of Weirwoods
in the eastern section of the township

where you can still find a few hardy specimens 
of this species in a secret hollow
that the ice age glacial cover did not reach
but these wise and aware ancient ones are rare
and you are more likely to encounter
much younger Weirwoods
that were planted from seeds
flown on the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997
and provided by the NJ State Forest Nursery in Jackson having been planted in habitats that contain 
other outstanding and popular Parsippany 
native plants some of which 
may be endangered or of local concern
such as the Wahoo, Erect Bindweed, 
Meadow Cuckoo-flower, Spiny Coontail, 
Green Adder's-mouth, Floating Heart, 
Northern Panic Grass, Strawberry-tomato, 
Hooker's Orchid, Indian Physic, 
Black-girdle Woolgrass, Lace-lip Ladies'-tresses, 
Humped Bladderwort, and every artist's favorite, Stylosanthes biflora, 
also known as Pencil-flower 
which ironically has recently become hard to find in 

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Monday, July 24, 2017

#DannyGregoryQuotes #3DaysinParsippany #ParsippanyPastelMountains

500 million years ago
a chain of volcanic islands
formed of polychromatic basaltic rocks
crashed into the Jersey Shore
creating the famous Parsippany Pastel Mountains
that grew to tremendous heights
in the western portion of the township

but were eventually worn down
by the shimmering and glimmering
 Rockaway River
 that flows into a basin
created by the Wisconsin Glacier
around 21,000 BC and looks like 
an old crone picking blueberries 
currently called Lake Hiawatha

in an area called 
a word from a Lenape Native American sub-tribe
 meaning “the place where the river winds 
through the valley of the polka-dotted sky”

 in an area where the strawberry boulders
are quite common above which
 the oddly shaped stone formations
 that are the remains of the Pastel Mountains
can still be seen today.

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