Monday, June 13, 2016

Botany Notes from June 8 2016: Partridge Berry

The Forest Flower Twins: Partridge Berry
Today in District Township, we saw Mitchella repens with beautiful twin white flowers, little pink flower buds, and last year's shiny red fruits - all on the same vine!

Linnaeus name this plant after his friend, Dr. John Mitchell, who discovered a method for treating yellow fever. "Repens" reflects its trailing or creeping habit. This woody shrub is in the Madder Family and doesn't grow taller than 2 inches.

The twin flowers share a common calyx covered with fine hairs. Each flower has 4 white petals. The two flowers produce a single fruit with 2 "eyes". The leaves are paired oppositely on the stem and have a pale yellow midrib.

The journal page has an oil pastel and watercolor resist border and a watercolor background. The leaves, buds, and berries are watercolor and Sharpie Ultra Fine Pen. The flowers are white oil pastel resist outlined with Pentel Brush Pen and white and grey acrylic paint added.

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