Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heavenly Blue Chicory and the Heavenly Scent of Milkweed

June 25th and the Milkweed blossoms in the garden smell so wonderful! I didn't sketch in all of the florets, so just image about twice as many as you see here.

Driving down the highway, I couldn't help but notice that the Chicory plants were painting the side of the road with their heavenly blue flowers. Each bloom fades in only a day, but there's another one waiting to open the next morning. I have a lax immigration policy when it comes to most, but not all, non-native plants. I love this one! Does anyone know how to mix up paint to get a vivid Chicory blue?

The rain gauge is screaming that we are 2 inches short of where we should be at this point in June. The grass is crispy and the Bee Balm is as limp as a dish rag. There was a thunder storm in the area last night. Stinky's ear starting twitching. She heard the thunder before I did. Noise but no rain.

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