Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Art and Oatmeal with Georgia Blueberries: A Fishy Tale

While down at Climber's Run last Saturday, my nature journaling friend, Carol, painted a lovely rainbow trout with watercolors. I hadn't painted a fish in quite a while, so she inspired me to do one! Of course, hers looks perfect enough to be in a field guide! My fish are, well how should I put this, "different" as are my birds and my dinosaurs and my ____ (you can fill in the blank).

This turned out to be more involved than I had planned, way to much for just one bowl of oatmeal! The page had to be worked on during lunch.

The page was done with watercolors and Sharpie Ultra Fine Pen. There are a few sparkly bits that are iridescent watercolors. Those iridescent paints are from a very old Terry Madden watercolor set that my husband bought used on Ebay years ago. 

End of tail!


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