Thursday, June 2, 2016

Trees in Parking Lots while Waiting for Appointments: In Search of the Elusive Putty Root

First time at PA Gamelands #52. The purpose of today's Botany Walk is to search for the elusive Putty Root also known as Adam and Eve (Aplectrum hyemale).
Left home early to find the woods and arrived early enough to sit and sketch some of the view from the parking lot.

I decided to bring this wonderful Jill Bliss journal that my Nature Journaling Mentor, Sheila, gave me. It's about time that I started filling up those pages! Check out Jill's style - I love it! Jill Bliss I took a selection of Stablio 88 fine point pens with me to sketch. 

Just enjoying the beautiful day. Observing my surroundings and making marks on the paper. The pages are not finished, but that is okay. You can just barely see the notes that I took on the walk peeking through the paper.  The paper is so lovely and smooth. The pens move without effort across the page.

The only other page that I completed in this journal was done with gel pens. It was back it January and I noted that it was 14 degrees outside so I sketched my Snake Plant. You don't have to be outdoors to fill a page in your nature journal.

And yes, the elusive Putty Roots managed to stay undiscovered this day so I could not sketch them.

Oh well, next year?

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