Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 21st: What's on my mind? Cherries and Berries and a cat named Stinky

I tried another "train of thought" journal page because Facebook did ask me "What's on your mind?".

While working in the garden, the thought that struck me was "Who planted this lovely cherry tree here?". The garden was made in the spot where the old swimming pool used to be. The plan was to make it a bird garden so I planted crab apple trees and blueberries and raspberries and even native dogwoods. I guess the birds weren't satisfied with all of that, so they planted a cherry tree. I noticed the tree growing but I didn't know what it was until last year when it first bore fruit. The cherries are so luscious looking! Big bright red shiny globes. 

I did plant the blueberries. And I may start eating them very soon if the birds ignore them.

And then I thought that I should do more animal sketches for the practice. I do have two models that lie around the house all day. Well, one cat that sleeps most of the day and one "Cat of Mass Destruction" that takes a break from causing havoc every so often. This is Stinky. Guess which cat she is!

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