Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 24th Word of the Day: Resolve/Purple Columbine

In the Secret Language of Flowers, the Purple Columbine represents your action of firmly deciding on a course of action.

I started with a graphite sketch on Canson Illustration paper. I traced over the pencil lines with a Micron Pen.

Color added loosely with watercolors.

Colors deepened with Le Plume II Markers.

After cutting out the sketch, I planned to glue it to the back page of my Jane Davenport Canvas Journal to cover the lumpy end paper. The lumps were caused by my unsuccessful attempt to put the journal back together with a glue gun after it fell apart. I wound up using some Scotch Create Glue which seems to be holding.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

#getmessyartjournal Messy Floral #3 Waiting for Daffodils

Snow showers this morning! I am so ready for the daffodils to bloom! Mine are still in the bud stage. They should flower soon, soon, soon!

I love the combination of the little blue muscari growing beneath the yellow daffodils. 

Quick sketch done with Ranger Distress water soluble markers in Jane Davenport Canvas Journal.

Sakura black Glaze pen for doodling.

Watch the mess:

Ranger Distress marker colors used:
squeezed lemonade
mustard seed
wild honey
spiced marmalade
dried marigold
vintage photo
shaded lilac
stormy sky
faded jeans
mowed lawn
forest moss

Friday, April 6, 2018

#getmessyartjournal Messy Floral #4 Playing with Pastels

Another Get Messy! day. Inspired by a video on that site to get out the old pastels and have some new play! Never used water and pastels together before, so this is purely experimental.

Combining chalk pastels with water and black Glaze pen doodle in Jane Davenport Canvas journal.

I like the texture of the pastel with a bit of wash beneath the heavy black lines of the Glaze pen.

Watch the mess:

Long version with pastel play:


Thursday, April 5, 2018

#getmessyartjournal Messy Floral #1

#getmessyartjournal A van Gogh, Bob Burridge, Get Messy inspired acrylic floral in my Jane Davenport Canvas Journal.

I added the black lines with a Sakura Glaze pen. Do you think van Gogh would have liked this pen?

This was quick and so much fun!

Ooh Lá Lá! The texture.

Watch the mess here:

Bob Burridge:

Get Messy!

Kevin MacLeod:

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

#sketchbookskool and #getmessyartjournal and Messy Floral #2

Making a journal page while listening in on a live session with Sketchbook Skool co-founders Danny and Koosje and the gang at Get Messy!

Messy Floral #2: Watercolor with Neocolor I Wax Pastel "Metallic" colors as a resist. Doodling done with Black Sakura Glaze Pen in Jane Davenport Canvas Journal.

Watch the messy play here:

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

#getmessyartjournal Geometric Galaxy

Through a Sketchbook Skool newsletter
I found out about Get Messy! 

This was a free lesson from Get Messy: Geometric Galaxy. A universe of fun with washi tape, watercolor, salt, and ink. Jane Davenport Canvas Journal.

Watch the Mess:

Sunday, April 1, 2018

#30Pages30Days Page 25 March 25 Sktchy Challenge: Be a Copycat.

#30Pages30Days Page 25 March 25
Sktchy Challenge: Be a Copycat.

This challenge arrived just when I borrowed the movie Loving Vincent from the Library. I took notice of a jar of blue flowers (Delphiniums?) by Dr. Gachet's side during his interview in the movie. I found an image of it on the internet, printed it out, and used it as the material for my "copycat". The idea behind being a copycat is to explore your favorite artist's process more deeply.

This was a fun little project. Some things that I noticed were van Gogh's brush strokes, the heavy black lines around the objects, and the use of a lot of blues, especially blue flowers in front of a blue background. Acrylic paint in my Jane Davenport Canvas Journal.

Narrated and time-lapse video of the process:

Saturday, March 31, 2018

#30Pages30Days Page 30 March 30 Hoppy Easter!

#30Pages30Days Page 30 March 30
Sktchy Challenge Complete!

Hoppy Easter! 

Possum Patty
in her
Pink Bunny Foot P.J.s.

Micron Pen and Neocolor II Crayons in Jane Davenport Canvas Journal. Eyes were made shiny with Sakura Black Glaze Pen.

#30Pages30Days Page 29 March 29 Art and Oatmeal and Glazed Zentangles!

Art and Oatmeal::Sktchy Challenge::Zentangles
#30Pages30Days Page 29 March 29

Neocolor II Crayons (Limited Edition Spring Soft Pastel Colors Set) and Black Sakura Glaze Pen in Jane Davenport Canvas Journal.

Love the shine and dimension of the black Sakura Glaze Pen. Maybe some people would call it "glare", but I like it! The nib is a bit on the thicker side and that makes it harder to do fine details when tangling. I just keep that in mind when thinking of a design and it usually works out. 

At the last moment I felt the urge to put some graphite shading on the eggs using a pencil and a stump.

Narrated/time lapse Art and Oatmeal: