Sunday, August 7, 2016

I "heart" Tomato

Art and Oatmeal with Peaches and a Tomato, Redux.

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It all started when I picked this heart shaped tomato from the bucket. We don't have a vegetable garden. We have a bucket with a tomato plant in it. Ya'd think with 9 acres of land, we would find somewhere to plant a tomato. 

Then at breakfast I decided that I needed to draw the wonderful heart shaped tomato. 

The last time I drew a tomato on a plate, the plate was wonky. Here I am trying to figure out the ellipse of the plate by drawing it through the tomato.  Note: the plate is upside down.

Oatmeal finished and I have a watercolor of a heart-shaped tomato on an upside down plate. But hey, there's still some orange juice left and the red on the page is not as tomato-y as I would like it...

So I grabbed some Tombow watercolor markers and got jiggy with them.

Hmmm, lost the whites. The plate is wonky. Colors running everywhere. Life is good. And so is lunch.

So at lunch, I started again. This time I did not add Sharpie to the drawing right away which is what I did at breakfast.

I used watercolors and tried to save the whites for highlights. Then I picked up the Sharpie because nothings finished until I've made some marks with a pen.

I added some journaling about my process.

And called it done.

Did you see the Tomatoes Gone Bad movie?
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