Friday, July 1, 2016

Yesterday - Deer Damage. Today - Deer Tick.

Grocery Store Botany: On May 10, 1893, The U.S. Supreme Court (Nix vs Hedden) declared the tomato a vegetable. Botanically speaking it is a fruit. So when it is on the vine, it's a fruit. When it is picked, it's a vegetable. Tomatoes are true berries formed from one flower and having multiple seeds. Today there are several little green tomatoes on the vine as seen here next to the cool ruler stamp that I found at the flea market. 
Also maturing in the garden, is a baby zucchini. And guess what? Yes! Zucchinis are berries! Pepoes like the watermelon. They have an inferior ovary (epigynous) below the flower petals. 

What else is on my mind? The Deer Tick that I found on my arm. Ugh. Hope it doesn't have Lyme Disease.



  1. Here's hoping the tick didn't have Lyme Disease! A friend got it & ached & pained for a LONG time - like she had the flu coupled with arthritis.

  2. Been there. Done that. Don't need to do it again!