Friday, July 8, 2016

Buttons, Bugs, and Bulbils

A nature study in pink and green. The first thing that caught my attention was the swarm of Japanese Beetles all about the yard. I mean, EVERYWHERE! Eating EVERYTHING! And then they starting doing the nasty thing...

"Wild Thang, I think I love you..."

They are shiny and fun to paint, though.

The Button Bush down by the barn is blooming and the butterflies are loving it.

The Tiger Lilies out by the greenhouse are about to bloom, but they have already made their bulbils (tiny bulbs that form between the leaves and the stem).

This is strange looking gladiola was planted by the fairies. I moved this plant out to the front of the property last year, but the fairies apparently didn't like it there so they moved it back to the front of the house when I wasn't looking.

Gladiola bulb (and fairy).

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