Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chinese Brush: Praying Mantis

In 1896, the Chinese Mantis escaped from a nurseryman in Mount Airy, Pennsylvania. They are very large, green or brown, and found just about everywhere in the Northeast. There is a spot between the front legs. If it is yellow, you have a Chinese Mantis in your hands. If the spot is orange, the mantis is a Narrow-winged Mantis, also a native of Asia. There is also a Mantis that is native to Europe. It has a large eye spot on the hind wing. Our native Mantis has a dark spot on the outer or fore-wings. 

The simple expressive brush strokes of the Eastern way of painting. Painting with my friend Kay (Gum Ran). Chinese brush and ink, gouache, rice paper. Used matte medium to paste picture into journal.

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