Wednesday, July 27, 2016

From the Garden: Tommy-Toes and Liger Tilies

Yay! Yesterday we had rain! A Thunder Shower cloud seemed to drop its heavy load all at once. The digital rain gauge couldn't keep up with the deluge! But however much we got, we needed. The area is still 5 or 6 inches short of rainfall for the year at this time.

A few sketches for today. 

I think this is the third year for Liger Tilies in the yard. Love to draw them!

I grew them from bulbils that I got from a friend. Of course, there were no flowers the first year.

Lately, I find it hard to grow Tommy-Toes. One year there are long hot dry days, and I get weary from dragging hoses and lugging buckets of water. The next year it's so damp from too much rain and humidity that everything just goes straight to mold and mildew without fruiting. Either way, I don't think I've ever drawn tomatoes in a sketchbook! I'll have to take a look back in the sketchbooks to see if I have.

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