Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Wisest of Trees

While mediating on the wisest of trees, the Mulberry,

one finds in their heart a way to connect to and empathize with animals and people in their life. 

Stimulating a flow of energy, this tree helps one to gain the insight to hold back until just the right moment in a difficult situation. 

Each leaf on this tree is an individual. Let the Mulberry Tree teach you to shape your own destiny.

The tree in my yard is most likely a Chinese Mulberry, Morus alba, cultivated in this country to raise silk worms for the fabric industry. It is interesting to note that the male tree is very bad for allergy and asthma sufferers because the fine pollen can be inhaled deeply into the lungs while the female tree pulls pollen and pollution out of the air creating a healthier atmosphere. 


  1. Love these leaves? Did you work in watercolor?? They caught my eye with their beautiful colors. TFS Grandma Nancy in central IL

    1. Thank you! Used watercolors, Zig Writer, Derwent Intense Pencils, Sparkle markers, etc.