Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sharks!! ?? !! ??

What's on my mind? July 20th, Belmar Beach, NJ. 

Now that I have your attention...

I've been thinking about the Cownose Rays that have been spotted along the Jersey Shore.

The Cownose Ray has a brown kite-shaped body. It can have a "wing-span" of up to 3 feet and weigh 50 lbs. It has a whip-like tail.

Cownose Rays swim in the column of water as opposed to those rays that are benthic and swim along the bottom. When their fins break the water surface as they "fly" through the water, it looks like sharks! They school in shallow water to feed. They like soft-shelled clams and such, but will eat harder bivalves if hungry.

"Don't swim out too far! There's Stingrays in the area!" says the life guard. Really. He said that. Oh, Please, please - rescue ME!




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