Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Journaling at Blue Marsh Lake

Journaling with Carol and Francine at Blue Marsh Lake. A beautiful evening to sit and enjoy the company and the view!

Blue Marsh Lake was built by the Army Corps of Engineers. The dam, built to control flooding, flooded out Pleasant Valley near the town of Blue Marsh. You can read about it in the Visitor's Center.

We sat on the hill under the Sycamore tree. 

I didn't plan the composition ahead of time and wound up just painting the tree over the lake.

Got a little too heavy with the large Sycamore leaves and the landscape disappeared!

While sitting on the hill above the lake, the Turkey Vultures came so close you could almost reach out and touch them!

It was early evening, and you could hear the voices of the children on the beach across the lake when the breeze blew in from that direction. There were a few jet skis on the lake as well as some fishermen.




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