Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday! And it's lunchtime with the dinosaurs again!

 At the Reading Museum to dine with the dinosaur! And boy, did this dude have a big mouth. Why, it stretched all the way to the back of his head!

The sign said he ate baby dinosaurs, but as you can see, he was willing to take a bite out of my pulled pork on gluten-free bread sandwich.

The Museum has two dinosaurs outside. This is a Spinosaurus. It's carnivorous and larger than the T-Rex.
Spinney had quite a few visitors today. It was fun to watch the little ones scream and tremble in fear when he moved and roared! Just kidding. No, really a few kids would not go anywhere near him. Reality is a strange thing at the age of 4.

Many stopped to talk and check out my sketchbook. My Dino sketch today was done quicker and looser than last week's. I used a Sharpie Ultra Fine pen and my watercolor field kit (Winsor and Newton - artist grade). Too much talking? Still fun anyway! I also added a touch of grass. Studies of coprolites (dino dung) show that dinosaurs did consume grass. Where there's grass there's herbivores to munch on! I also added a background with my Liquitex marker.

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