Thursday, May 5, 2016

Breakfast Birds: Funny Feathers: Happy Fat Robin

There's more to breakfast than just oatmeal with sliced apples and flower doodles! There's oatmeal with sliced apples and funny feathered birds!

It's been nothing but grey skies here for what seems like forty days and forty nights. Some fog, some mist, some drizzle, a bit of rain now and then, but never any sun. I've been watching the Happy Fat Robins dash about on the lawn feasting on the plentiful worms. I think I will call this Worm Weather.

The Happy Fat Robins inspired me to start a Funny Feathers series. So here is the first one. Because I sketched it in the practice journal I was limited as to what to use to add color. The paper does take a tiny bit of watercolor, but I wanted to try something new. From my stash, I dug out these Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Color Woodless Colour Pencils.

I had bought these but had yet to use them. (Sound familiar?) My first impression of these pencils is that I really like how smoothly they move across the paper! The coverage and colors are nice, too. They can be sharpen with a regular pencil sharpener if you want a point but because they are solid pigment you never have to worry about getting a pencil with a broken core that just keeps breaking and breaking. Next, I will try them out on different kinds of paper and with mixed media to see how they preform. 

You may have noticed that the finished Happy Fat Robin looks a bit different than the one in the journal next to the oatmeal with sliced apples. Observant you! After I drew and colored that one, I decided that I wanted to make some changes because if you are going to draw a Happy Fat Robin she should be really happy and really fat. Here is the original one:

I do like the second one better. This one looks too much like an overripe mango. What do you think?

Check out the product description here:

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