Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Crones, Hags, and other Beautiful Women 50 Years and Wiser: Woman in a Green Shirt

Graham Smith, the Art Ninja, teaches us that we should practice the bits that we find the hardest over and over until we can do them well just as musicians practice the hardest passages of a piece of music until they master it. I find people the hardest thing to sketch or paint, so I will try to practice a face now and then. The inspiration for this face was from a picture in a wellness magazine. (I'm having a hard time getting an image that reflects the picture's true hues. The one on the left is a bit to bright, the scanner did something weird. The one on the right is more like it, but too dull. If I get it figured out, I will add it here.)

I gave myself an extra challenge and that was to limit myself to the colors that came in this set of Caran D'Ache water soluble Neocolor II wax pastel crayons. This set is called "Spring Colors." And then I decided that I had to do it on Bristol paper pasted into my journal. Oh, I love to play!

These pastel colors are, by name, Bismuth Green, Jade, Light Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow, Apricot, Salmon Pink, Purple, Manganese Violet, Denim Blue and Steel Gray. 

I couldn't find this product on Amazon, so I bought it at 

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