Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday is Lunch with a Dinosaur Day!

Chicken sandwich on gluten free bread and a Hadrosaur.

How often do you get to paint life size dinosaurs en plein air?

Zig Writer over a pencil sketch.

Double spread in a Strathmore Series 500 Mixed Media Soft Cover Journal. Watercolor added to sketch. The name "Hadrosaur" came from the roots "hadros" meaning thick and "sauros" meaning lizard. So the Hadrosaur is a "thick or stout lizard." 

Lots of school kids at the Reading Museum today! Fun to watch them react to the Stout Lizard which every so often would start to move and roar. They were curious when they passed by the Berks Art Alliance group on the way back to their buses. They got a kick out of seeing us paint and complimented our work nicely. I got a kick out of a few high schoolers who stopped by and were interested in my journal!

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