Saturday, May 14, 2016

Breakfast Blooms: Advanced Doodling: Trumpet-shaped Morning Glories

Art and oatmeal with Georgia blueberries. Advanced Doodle Blooming with trumpet-shaped Morning Glories and lots of color with my Koh-I-Nor Woodless Colour Pencils.

The original idea behind this project was to practice drawing flower shapes so that I could develop a skill to use when I am in the field nature journaling. Another idea was to turn the flowers into doodles to decorate journal pages. But once I started, I have not been able to stop! 

The trumpet shape of these flowers is a bit trickier than simple disc-shaped flowers. Practice, Practice!

This is a doodle of the Morning Glories. After practicing the shapes, I simplify them to create a motif. Wouldn't that look nice in the corner of a journal page?

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1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! I've never worked with colored pencils much at all - except the brands that are sold at the Back-To-School sales. You did an EXCELLENT job on your Morning Glories.
    Grandma Nancy in central IL