Monday, August 22, 2016

Who's been eating the Zinnias? Mystery solved...

What's on my mind? Well, someone asked me what could be eating their Zinnias. I just figured that it was a beetle of some sorts, but while keeping a close eye on the flowers outside my front window I spotted these culprits systematically laying bare each bloom petal by petal. 

It was hard to get a good photo through the window. This one's been cropped quite a bit. You can see the evidence in his bill: a pink Zinnia petal. I caught two males and one female red-handed or pink-petaled, as the case may be.

I sketched, inked and painted this page with Neocolor IIs while riding in the car last week. I convinced my husband that I was not painting but "coloring" with crayons. Remember the car has white leather seats.

The sketchy wiggly lines are due to the motion of the car. Coloring wasn't easy either. Before I could finish this Zinnia, I dropped the green Neocolor II under the seat and I couldn't retrieve it. It was a balancing act featuring journal, waterbrush, and crayons on a small pillow in my lap.

I love to sketch birds in action - something besides the "guidebook pose."


  1. Gorgeous finches and your other beautiful birds illustrations!