Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Sunflower that Survived...

What's on my mind? 
This is the Sunflower that was eaten by deer back in June.

There was nothing left but a bare stalk!

At that time I thought to pull it up, but when I tugged on her, she seemed to tug back as if to say, "No. Leave me here. I can do this." 

So I let her be. 

And slowly she came back to life. First the leaves and then the flower buds.

You can see where the original leaves were bitten off. 

 Where the single stalk becomes two, is where the top of the plant was eaten.

After all of that, the Sunflower is now being eaten by Japanese Beetles. 

She's a survivor! 
She's also a "volunteer" that planted herself in the flowerpot under the bird feeder. You have to love that!

There is a miracle in every seed.

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