Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Urban Sketching in Boyertown... And Tree #135/10,000

So used to drawing organic shapes! Buildings and angles are hard to understand. But I gave it a go anyway. This is the Good Shepard Church in Boyertown, PA. The church was built around 1814 and the steeple was replaced by the clock tower about a 100 years later. Instead of tackling the whole building, I started with just the clock tower and one chimney. What a wuss. I probably should take Liz Steel's course on drawing buildings or at least practice, practice practice.

Gum Ran is a wonderful artist who puts up with my sketchbook antics while she masterfully executes watercolor paintings. The other day she actually said, "You're getting better!" 

Egads! Look at the angles on that tower!

Ahhh, saved by the trees on the side of the church. 

Interesting display of very old tombstones behind the church. I searched for information about them on the webber-net. All that I could discover was that a cemetery was "reduced" for the expansion of a bank and then again for some work done at the church.  The headstones are arranged in 5 double rows. The names on the monuments are barely or not at all readable and yet someone planted an American flag by one of them.

Tree #135/10,000.



  1. Enjoy your sketches of trees. I also LOVE to sketch & paint trees. - I don't know WHO Kay is but can I come & join you 2 when you sketch??
    Grandma Nancy in central IL