Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Gregory Diet: Always start the day with a balanced breakfast!

The Danny Gregory diet: always start the day with a nutritiously balanced breakfast that includes oatmeal with sliced apples, orange juice, and colored pencils. To encourage this daily habit, I have prepared my journal by cutting out pictures of flowers from magazines and garden catalogs and gluing them into several pages.

Leaving the journal on the kitchen table along with a few simple tools: pencil, eraser, Micron Pigma Pen, and some colored pencils makes establishing this habit even easier!

I guess I was pretty much a sketching snob. "Oh, I ONLY sketch flowers from life in the garden or in the woods. I would NEVER sketch from a photograph!"

Well, really now. You CAN learn a lot about the way leaves grow and petals curl by studying photographs while eating oatmeal with sliced apples.

After all, with a lot of sketching practice and studying at home, it will be much easier to draw the flowers while in the field!

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