Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Swallows and Star Magnolia

Happy March 23rd! The Tree Swallows have returned to nest in the bluebird boxes and the Star Magnolia has started to bloom. It's 5 pm and sunny and 70 degrees. Delightful.

Sitting in a chair in the garden, I lightly sketched two Magnolia branches and then used the Zig Writer to trace over or redraw the lines. After that, I removed the pencil lines with a soft eraser.

I used my portable Winsor & Newton watercolor set and a water brush to paint while "plein air". I was in the mood for a simple page so I decided to leave it at the "botanical" stage and just added a few notes.

 NOTE: I am often asked about what supplies I use, so I have been adding a link to Amazon at the bottom of my pages. I like to use Amazon to research products by reading the product description and also the customers' reviews. If you think that may help you, feel free to click on the images below, if not, please ignore! Thanks!

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