Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Breakfast Blooms and the Best Idea Ever!

Another Breakfast Blooms page completed! The Black-eyed Susan that is colored in was one big experiment - a little more involved than I care for so early in the morning. First I decided that I needed to block off some white for the hoary frost. I got out a white Crayola and scribbled along the edges of the petals.  The rest is a long story involving pencil, erasures, colored pencils, art markers, Posca white pen, Pigma Micron pen, etc. etc.

 All I am going to say is the outcome was that the other blooms will be left black and white.

I needed some fun after that fiasco, so I used this great scribble technique. Just use art markers to quickly scribble the flower. Afterwards, take a fine line pen like a Pigma Micron or Zig Writer and outline each scribble mark.  Gives it a "Tiffany" look!

Now the BEST IDEA EVER! At breakfast the other day, my husband came up with the most original and best creative idea! I don't know why no one has ever thought of this before! Egads! It should've been obvious to everyone - but most of all to Danny Gregory and Koosje, the fakulty and student body of Sketchbook Skool, everyone who has participated in "Every Day Matters" or read any of Danny's books, or for that matter anyone who has every taken any sketching or drawing course any where! Ready for it? Here it comes! This is what he came up with, he said, and I quote: "You should sketch a picture everyday." Wow, is he a genius or what! Everyone in the world has my permission to use his idea at any time for any reason. I am not going to get it copyrighted. 

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