Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yay! I got a new pencil for Christmas and I drew two owlets...

Nature Journaling at the North Museum, Lancaster, PA with Carol and Connie. Santa put several art goodies in my stocking last Christmas and one was a Kimberly 9XXB pencil. I used the pencil for the first time to sketch these two Great Horned Owlets.

The pencil is wonderfully large and chunky. It makes dark marks that are not too shiny. You can create great texture with multiple layers of scribbling. 

Met Connie, fellow Sketchbook Skool Skolar, for the first time in person! So happy to meet an Art Friend from Skool.

Connie is busy sketching from one of the many 100+ year old bird specimens at the museum. The table is set up with art supplies so anyone visiting the museum can sit and join in the journaling fun!

Looking over Connie's shoulder watching her work. You can see one of the Great Horned Owlets in the case. 

So blessed to be able to share our sketchbooks and enjoy each other's creativity!

Looking forward to another Sketch-Meet-Up!

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