Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oil Pastels (Why did I buy these?): Calla Lily

Don't remember when, don't remember why, but some time ago I bought these oil pastels and then put them away. Well, I got them out a few days ago and

took them with me along to Kay's kitchen to try an oil pastel sketch in my journal. She had a large faux calla lily that I used as a model.

First I lay down some color and then used a brush and Turpenoid to move the color around. I put down more color and used my fingernail to scratch into it to add texture. I think the fact that I gessoed the page first helped to add even more texture. 

After the page was complete, I read somewhere that oil pastels NEVER dry (Can that be true?), so I just sprayed some Workable Fixative over the page a few times to seal it. 

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