Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trees in Parking Lots While Waiting for Appointments: The Nature Place at Angelica Creek

How apropos! While waiting for a meeting on tree planting, I got to sketch a parking lot tree. It was gray and raining and I didn't have but a few minutes, but I set about to work anyway. Because of the colorless day, I chose a Stabio All pencil. It's nice and black, writes on many surfaces, and will take a small wash, which is about all that this light weight sketch paper will handle any way. 

Sketchbooks are awesome, no pressure, lots of experimenting. Sketch fast, draw slow. Doesn't matter. Practice, practice. Pick something out from your picture that you like the best - Right now I'm loving this little bit circled in red. On this enlarged version, you can see that there are some black pen lines, I was doodling on the drawing when I should have been taking more notes.

Click Here for More Trees in Parking Lots:  

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