Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Last Seed of them all.

We are on the weather roller-coaster ride. Winter, spring, winter, summer, winter again. So I had put my hand into my pocket to get a glove and... What? I pulled out a seed! I couldn't remember where it came from but what I thought of was the last Truffula seed. It was the last Truffula seed of all and the Once-ler had put it in my pocket. And I needed to plant it, to treat it with care, to give it clean water, and feed it fresh air.

Then I recalled that during last Wednesday's botany walk, I had popped a bladdernut seed case into my pocket. Why? Who knows? Rocks, twigs, seeds, all manner of objects wind up in my pocket or in my journal bag. Anyway, the case rattled so there must have been a seed in it. What happened to the case? That awesome three-sided balloon, after which the tree was named, was last year's crop and very dry and fragile. It had disintegrated into a fine brown dust at the bottom of the pocket.

I was inspired by my thoughts to play with color on the pages of my art marker journal.

The Lorax is a fine book to read to persons of all ages. It has always been one of my favorites. 

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