Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sun Dogs and Scattered Light...

Back in early October when Hurricane Matthew was down off the coast of the Carolinas, a cold front kept the Mid-Atlantic from getting wet. Here, the frigid temperatures aloft, the high bright clouds, the golden sunlight, and the sapphire sky resulted in a unique meteorological event: iridescent clouds.

Standing so that a backyard tree blotted out the sun, I could see in the western sky a strange looking cloud that actually had a rainbow on it! I have seen clouds of many colors, but never an entire rainbow formed on a cloud! These iridescent clouds form when there are especially tiny ice crystals or water droplets in the air that cause the light to be diffracted or spread out creating a rainbow like effect in the clouds.

To the east of the sun there was a sun dog just peeking out from behind a cloud. 

Ever since the scattered light event I have been working on this journal spread. On various days I have thrown collage, pen, marker, watercolor, molding paste, sparkly paints, and acrylics at these pages. This morning I finally decided to just be done with it and move on even though I am not happy with the results. In the bowl: oatmeal with Honeycrisp apple slices, cinnamon, brown sugar, and dried cranberries. And THAT, made me happy. 

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