Sunday, February 14, 2016

News from the Mushroom - stamp


"News from the Mushroom"

Hand-made stamp - Here's my process!

I used a Speedball lino cutter and a sheet of Speedball Speedy-Carve.

I sketched a group of mushrooms right on the Speedy-carve with a pencil.

I inked the sheet before cutting, it makes the process easier. I just opened the stamp pad and rubbed it right on the sheet and then wiped off the excess. I started with the wide blade and cut away the background. Afterwards, I used the smaller blades for finer details.

When I was happy with the stamp, I cut away the excess with scissors.

I used two colors of Memento Ink for my first stamping. 
One for the stems and one for the 'shroom tops.

I actually inked the stamp and put it right side up on the bird page to the right. Then I closed the page on the left over it. I rubbed the page really well with my fingers and the heel of my hand.

Voila! I think I will leave the extra marks. I like the texture.

I added the words with a store-bought letter stamp set. 

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