Thursday, February 4, 2016

Zentangle Wren

Another zentangle bird: The Wren. Tangling while watching t.v. Decided to try a "scribble background" for adding the information. Lots of fun to just scribble, scribble! The scribbles describe the legend of the wren who was thought to have betrayed the first Christian martyr,St. Stephen, so that he was caught and stoned to death for blasphemy against the Jewish temple. The wren is a clever bird in folklore who beat the eagle in the contest to be king of all the birds by hiding under the eagle's wing, and then, as the eagle tired, flew out and up to prove he could fly higher.  The Poet Waterford said of the wren "We were all day hunting the wren, We were all day hunting the wren, The wren so cute and cunning he stayed in the bush, While we were running."

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