Thursday, December 15, 2016

How to Nature Journal like Henri Matisse...

How to Nature Journal Like Henri Matisse...

First, be inspired by nature. Now you can not possible tell me that Henri Matisse was not absolutely obsessed with the Turkey Oak, Quercus cerris. It is native to SE Europe and Asia Minor. These leaves are from a specimen which grows in a cemetery in Reading, PA. 


Nature on the top, Matisse on the bottom. You find the Turkey Oak leaf shape repeated over and over in many of his works.

As soon as you are inspired, get your studio assistants to cut up pieces of white paper for you. 

Then instruct them to paint the pieces with gouache. You, of course, should absolutely pick out the colors.

For good measure and to keep them busy (nothing worst than idle studio assistants), have them give the pieces a second coat of gouache.

While you lay in bed (or on the couch, as seen here) have the assistants hand you the pieces of colored paper. Take a pair of scissors and cut out organic shapes.

I've matched the shape of these Turkey Oak leaves. But you can be inspired by any natural object.

Have your studio assistants arrange the shapes while you supervise. Perhaps add a figure to the composition. Here's Happy Squirrel. She reminds me of Matisse's Icarus.

Glue your shapes down. Here's another example of Matisse's Turkey Oak leaves. 

Hand write some text in French and Viola! Fini.

Cutting into colour reminds me of the sculptor's direct carving. Henri Matisse

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