Sunday, October 2, 2016

Art and Oatmeal with Peaches and Purslane

This past summer was so hot and dry that even the weeds struggled to survive! One hardy soul was this purslane plant. It not only grew "like a weed" but its petite yellow blooms were in evidence. 

Look at the wonderful pattern that a low growing mat of purslane leaves makes on the ground!

Even though purslane is edible, and yes, I have eaten it, I did not really add any to my oatmeal with peaches!

The ruler stamp was painted with Le Plume II markers, sprayed with water and then pressed to the page. Warning! It soaked through to the underside and even onto the page before that. It may have been the "pressing" because the rest of the page was also painted with Le Plume II markers and water and those colors did not soak through the page. The ruler marks the two rainfalls we had during a four week period: .02 + .08 for a total of 0.1 inches.

Had so much fun with the purslane that I did some more. This time I used gouache on a black gesso background.

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